Seminar Details


Seminar 1: Understanding & Engaging Your Teen

This seminar sets the foundation for the series. You will learn:

  • An introduction on what your teen's world looks like.
  • Basic information about your teen's developing brain and how that impact's their perceptions and behaviors. 
  • How to understand and effectively communicate with your teen so as to gain cooperation and respect.
  • How to rebuild relationship with your teen, especially if they have already started shutting you out.
  • How to manage your own personal reactivity and feelings when your teen upsets you.


Seminar 2: Strategies for Entitlement, Emotions & Smartphones

This seminar builds upon the foundation set in Seminar 1. You will learn:

  • How to instill gratitude in your teen including strategies for structuring expectations in the home.
  • Effective ways to support and empower your teen through the complex emotions they face.
  • Guidance on which social media apps are appropriate for your teen's maturity level and how to supervise their use without micromanaging.
  • Effective strategies to address your concerns about the frequency and usage of smartphones.


Seminar 3: Addressing Sexuality, Drugs, and Self Harm

This seminar educates on society's impact regarding sex, drugs and self-harm and how to help teens navigate the confusion and complexities. You will learn:

  • The sexual complexities influencing identity perceptions of today's youth.
  • How to talk to your teen about sex and sexuality including specific conversation starters.
  • How to influence what your teen thinks about sex especially if it differs from what the world says.
  • How drugs and addictive behaviors impact the brain.
  • Risk factors for drug abuse and addiction and how you can intervene.
  • Why teens harm themselves.
  • The worst and best ways to respond to self-harm.


Call to Reserve Your Seat

Each Seminar runs from 6:30pm-8:30pm.

Fees are outlined on the Fees tab in the menu bar above.

(Per Seminar Rate equates to $37.50/hour.)

(Individual Rate for Series equates to $33/hour.)

(Couple Rate for Series equates to $29/person/hour.)

Location is in the Atrium Building

10701 Corporate Dr, Stafford, Texas 77477, United States

(281) 690-3456