Parenting Teens


The Parenting Teens Seminar Series is a highly-acclaimed, cost-effective, and relevant 3-part educational and engaging series of classes designed to help parents and adults more effectively communicate and guide youth through this current generation. This is the first generation raised in a world completely immersed by technology and the social pressure for an online presence. Its also the first generation with unlimited and often unsupervised access to the best and worst aspects of this world, but with limited skills to navigate its complexities.

Adolescence has always been a challenging time of development, but the challenges have expanded with a rise in depression, anxiety, isolation and compulsions of smartphones along with social pressures to define one's sexuality at an early age. Consequently, parenting strategies have to adapt to fit the needs of today's youth. Although we will not have a strategy for every possible issue that may arise, the best we can do for today's teens is attempt to understand their world and then offer strategies to help them navigate its difficulties.  

This seminar is most relevant for parents of children ages 12 to 16 years old, but can be useful for others as well.


Is this for me?


  • Do I parent or closely work with preteens or teens?
  • Is my child/teen making choices that concern me?
  • Is it difficult to communicate with my child/teen and them listen and obey?
  • Has there been an increase in arguing with my child/teen?
  • Do I often feel my child/teen disrespects me?
  • Am I concerned with the frequency of time my child/teen spends on their devices?
  • Do I often feel my child/teen has no gratitude for all I give him/her?
  • Is my child/teen harming himself/herself?
  • Is my child/teen exploring his/her sexuality in ways that concern me?
  • Do I often feel frustrated, angry, overwhelmed and stressed by the issues that I have to address with my child/teen?
  • Do I hope to prevent many of the above concerns?

If you answered YES to any of the above, this Seminar Series will fit your needs!

Feedback from Previous Participants


"Absolutely attend! Invaluable information and helps you realize just what your teen is up against. Also I highly recommend parents take this seminar BEFORE they have teens."

​"This is not something that is just helpful to people who are having issues with their kids, but to all parents. This seminar has changed my life, my son's life, and the way I parent."

"Loved the way the information was presented! Lots of great resources and different types of learning styles that were helpful to apply to real life."

"I loved Laura's enthusiasm, energy, and real life examples!"